My works

Quaderno di scienze / Science notebook

A fun alternative to school books: a web app to learn chemistry!

Design magazines between paper
and digital

A research about where magazine are going today.

Beatrice's portfolio

The online and responsive portfolio you are looking at right now.


A magazine/poster/leaflet about photography.


Your favorite cinema magazine!

Hurry up!

A poster series proposal for Colchester Insitute graduation show.

Interviste Clandestine / Clandestine Interviews

A collection of stories about escaping.

Visual Journalism

The election programs organized in an infographic.

Orari / Times

How do designers use their time?

Grafica E Video / Visual Communication And Video.

Looking for the common ground between graphics and video.

Sostenibilità / Sustainability

A little handbook for those who want to print ecologically.

Sorelle Fuselli Leaflet

It’s sales time!

Positivo-Negativo / Positive-Negative

A fanzine just about letterpress.


A fanzine about reading and eating.