Orari / Times

  • Communication design Lab 2, Iuav University in Treviso
  • Date January – April 2010
  • Professor Giorgio Camuffo
  • Collaborators Mirò Chiariello and Giovanna Gatto

It’s a brief study of the way designers use their time.
We interviewed ten designer of our territory (around Treviso, Italy) about the things they do during their daytime and if this activities affect their work. Then we designed an infographic to match and understand the data.
The most interesting result was discovering that, in someway, most designers have a strange relationship with time and they seem to have more than 24 hours a day!

Different colors represent the diverse activities, the striped texture is work and is also used over other colors to indicate if the subject consider that activity related to his work or not.
My role – I elaborate data in order to use them and then visually designed the circle infographic.

This project, together with Sustainability and Visual Communication and Video, is part of a major project of a graphic design handbook composed by single words.